Five Great Tips for Couples Enjoying the Best Kinky Sex Weekend

dirty weekendsKinky couples have some of the best weekends, but there are times when there are no creative juices flowing. There are many contents that have wonderful ideas for your weekends, but you should forget about the ideas that the contents are providing. There is something about escaping your routine and getting to spend time with your partner. Here are a few tips for having a great dirty weekend for the kinky.

  1. New Destination

The destination is important for how enjoyable the weekend is, but for many kinky couples, it does not have to be at a chain hotel with flower petals scattered on the bed. There are many great options for a weekend getaway. Even going to a small lodge with a bottle of wine, your partner, and your imagination can lead to a dirty weekend.

  1. Substance over Style

Substance is important when you are looking to have a great weekend. When you are looking to book a hotel room, you should look for a sexy hotel. So, you should avoid chain hotels, and look for a hotel that is more unusual. There are many boutique hotels where you and your partner can have an enjoyable, dirty weekend.

  1. Log Off

The number one rule of having a great weekend is to log off and turn off your devices, which means no computers, phones, tablets, emails, or other electronic services during the weekend. For many people, it can be easy to get distracted by the technology. You should turn off of all your devices for you, your partner, and your sex life. You can easily live without these devices for 48 hours. If you cannot live without the internet, you should rethink your use of techniques or your choice of a travelling companion.

  1. Enjoy Eating

When you are having a dirty weekend, you should make sure that you are indulging in everything, not just the sex. During the weekend, you should allow yourself and your partner to enjoy chocolate, desserts, and cocktails. So, you should have fun with what you are eating and try new foods. Who cares if it is the midnight? This weekend is about having fun and indulging in each other.

  1. Dress Up

Have you ever looked at models like Dita Von Teese, and wondered what makes them so special and sexy. There is something about dressing up, and even covering up, that makes the event feel so much more special. Many people dress up for when a sexy time is planned.

When you are planning a dirty weekend, it is the time when you should be breaking out the sexy lingerie. You can also start the weekend out by shopping for new lingerie, which is even more fun. This can also be a great time to buy new toys and try them out. Remember, this weekend is about breaking away from your routine and trying new things. So, why not dress up and try new items out?

There are times when breaking away from a routine is what kinky couples need because there are times when the relationship is going to feel stale. However, this rut can be hard to break out of, even with all the ideas that you can find online.

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