The Kink of Splosh: How to Get Messy and Enjoy It!

the kink of sploshSplosh is a term that kinksters use for play that involves gloopy, thick liquids or semi-solids. It is a term that is hardly known or used outside of the kink scene. So those people who are not really involved in the kink scene but have a specific love of all things gloopy, might feel ashamed or feel that they are slightly weird or unusual, as they might not know that it is a specific kink. However,it is not as unusual as you might think.  The number of people on Fetlife(the online fetish social media site) who have listed ‘splosh’ as one of their kinks are in the hundreds and I bet that if more people knew the term, more people would be seeking to fulfill a pleasure that they might have brushed off as unusual. Like many other kinks, splosh does not have to be a sexual experience: because it centres around sensations, so, just like sensation play, it can just be enjoyable or even comforting without being sexual. Also, if you ask nicely, even most people who are not really that into splosh would probably still want to fulfill your splosh pleasures, because splosh is not only fun and quirky, but also one of those fun activities that let you proudly say: “Hell yeah, I’ve done that!”


What is splosh? Can you give some examples?


Splosh can range from being turned on by the idea of wrestling in jelly, or having gunge poured over you in a game-show-type scenario, to relaxing in a baked bean bath, making out in a vat of paint, or having sex in custard. The list is endless. Also some, but not all, people who enjoy splosh also enjoy water sports, or have a food fetish. This is because splosh involves the feeling of wet, gloopy substances on skin and can therefore frequently involve food (probably because food can often be wet and squishy)! So basically, anything moist that gives you a gloopy, squishy sensation against your skin.


Wow, that turns me on. Yes, how do I get me some of that?!


The two challenges with splosh are that the requirements to fulfil splosh fantasies are often quite complex and/or costly. This means either investing a lot of time and energy into arranging it, or a lot of money. There are some special protective bed sheets or inflatable massage ‘pits’ that you can buy, which are meant for water-sports but work really well if you want to protect your furniture and still have lots of fun. Here are series of ideas for how you can explore splosh if you are new to it, without spending too much time, energy or money arranging the experience.


A ‘Love is Art’ kit: For those of you who fanaticise about getting messy with paint whilst fucking your beloved, this kit is for you. The minimal-fuss package contains a large canvas, body-safe paint (in case you get it in delicate places), a very large plastic sheet (to protect your floor), two pairs of disposable slippers (to avoid spreading the paint after you are finished) and a shower body scrubber to clean yourselves with afterwards. This can be made into a really romantic evening, simply by placing some tea-light candles around the room and by realizing that the two of you will be making a piece of art together, that may exist long after you do! If you live together, you can mound the finished canvas onto a frame and hang the art above your bed. It could be something you do for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, as these kits are not exactly cheap. However, it provides a talking point when visitors to your home ask you “Where did you get that fantastic abstract art piece from?”


A jelly-wrestling partyGreat for enjoying the good weather. Firstly, buy several paddling pools (or massage ‘pits’), each one large enough to fit two adults in. Pre-make lots of jelly, allow to cool but not set. Then pour into the already-inflated paddling pools. Invite whoever you would like to your wrestling party, but make sure to specify whether it is just play, or whether it is a naturist gathering or a sex party. This is because, like many fetishes, splosh can be something that makes people feel good, without it actually necessarily being sexual. So decide if your party is going to be just fun wrestling or if it will be a sex party. If the latter, make sure you supply plenty of condoms and that you make clear the rules of the party (such as no means no, ask before you touch other people, etc.). Then,enjoy the fun!


splosh sexIce cream ‘bedtime’: This is a fairly tame one for those of you who are perhaps wanting to try something before coming out to your partner about all of your sexual splosh desires. It is also very cheap and easy to arrange. Buy a tub of your favourite ice cream or if you don’t eat dairy products, you could make chocolate fondue, and leave the item of choice next to your bed. Ask your partner to smear the ice cream or chocolate over you, and then get them to lick it off you. You could then swap, or beg them to repeat the process until you are so very turned on!


Attend a local event: If you live in a major city, there are usually underground kink parties or occasional splosh events that you can attend. The internet is a great place to find these, particular and other such kinky dating websites. Often they will have mailing lists, which means you will never miss another gunge-machine event again! Mostly, the people who attend these events are friendly and welcoming and are just interested in having a really fun time. Often, these events are ones where you where clothes and so it is more sensation play than an orgy, so make sure you read the dress code requirements first. Ask around your local naturist spas, kink clubs and see what you can discover.


All in all, splosh is a very fun way to explore the playful side of yourself and provides opportunities to express yourself, whether it be in an artistic or sexual way (or both). If any of this tickles your fancy, definitely give it a go – you don’t know what (or whom) you might fall in love with in the process.


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