5 Ways To Add Kinky Sex Into Your Relationship and Spice Things Up

kinky coupleYou know that you are attracted to your partner, but you might think that kinky sex would take things up another level. Often times you get to a point in a relationship where you need a bit more passion or excitement.

If you find yourself in this situation then you want to try to become kinky partners and see what happens. This can create a really amazing sex life for both of you and help to keep things passionate and exciting for a long time. Here’s how to do it and you will be amazed at the results.


  1. Surprise your partner and take things up a notch


Think of the type of reaction you might get if you surprised your partner in bed one day. You will find that the key to making kinky partners work is the element of surprise. So it has to start one day and it can be something as simple and seemingly innocent as a blindfold or some handcuffs.

The thing about this type of sex is that there is truly no right or wrong. This is for the two of you to decide. You know that you want to turn up the excitement in your sex life, and this is the best time to do it. Try to surprise your partner in bed with some fun and unique twist.

Don’t lay all of your cards on the table so to speak. You have to leave some things to work your way up to. Start small but try a new position or one simple but fun sex toy. See how they like it, and better yet see how well a surprise goes over. This can help to unleash a side of both of you that you didn’t know existed, and it can make for a really fulfilling sex life.


  1. Start slowly but add in some toys for a fun twist


Some may say that the key to kinky sex is to add in some toys. You may want to start slowly so you don’t overwhelm your partner. There are so many toys to choose from though, that this can make an awesome way to get things going.

It’s easy enough to go out and get the right sex toys, and if you start small then you can build upon it. Think of what excites you and what you think that your partner may like. It can be just one toy that you add into your normal sex life that generates excitement that you never imagined.

You never know until you try and though some people are unsure about sex toys, most people are really pleased with the results. This can help to align the two of you as kinky partners, and there’s a good chance that you will just keep adding to your toy supply. This can make a good sex life mind blowing and it can be fun for both of you!


  1. Watch some porn together to get ideas and add excitement


This may feel odd to you at first. This may be something that you only hear about others doing, and you may even think it to be strange. The thing is though that if you want to take up the excitement in your relationship, then porn can be a really great way to do it. Just the act of watching it together bonds you in a whole new way.

When you put on some porn and sit there to watch it together, you are opening yourself up. Not only will you get some kinky sex ideas, but you are also going to come together in a really raw way. You are making yourself vulnerable and so is your partner, and this adds to the attraction in a way that is almost indescribable.

You can really figure out what you both like and therefore appeal to that. You can get new ideas. You can talk about fantasies because there is a certain openness between you and your kinky partner that didn’t exist before. Depending on the type of porn that you watch, it may really open the floodgates with ideas and even communication.

Don’t be afraid of this because porn exists for a reason in relationships. It may become a main staple in your sex life, or it might just help to add in that excitement and passion that you’ve been looking for. Try it and see what happens because porn can be the gateway to some pretty awesome sex between partners.


  1. Talk to each other honestly about fetishes or kinky interests


Sometimes the best way to become kinky partners with similar interests is to just talk it out. You might not think that your partner is into something until you talk to them. They just might have some crazy interests that you had no idea about. How blown away would you be if you found out that they had some fantasy that you never imagined?

Open and honest communication is the only way to make BDSM, fetishes, or kinky sex in any capacity work. Not only does it help you to set limits, but it also helps you to uncover some amazing opportunities. If you find out that they are into something that you never envisioned, then it takes things to a whole new level.

Their fantasies may be way out there and it may give you some new ideas. Not only that but you just might find that you share some fetishes or fantasies that you didn’t realize. Talk through what you want to do with each other and to each other, and it will build excitement and generate some new fun ideas.


  1. Keep things interesting and spontaneous with sex at another level any time


One of the best ways to incorporate kinky sex into a relationship is to do it anytime and anywhere. How amazing would it be to have sex in a public space? How awesome would it be to surprise your partner at work or in a totally unexpected location? Sometimes it’s not just about how you do it or what you do, but also about where you do it.

Sure you can always try adding in another person or use toys, but appealing to your more voyeuristic side can be erotic and exciting. Suggest that the two of you get it on in a public bathroom or dressing room at a store. Get your partner going and then have sex in a park at night or somewhere that you could be spotted.

The key is of course not to get caught, but that adds to the excitement! Everyone has a little voyeur in them and this is a crazy fun way to appeal to that. It’s even better if you surprise your partner with spontaneous sex and do it in a public setting. They totally won’t be expecting it and this will turn them on in a big way.

So remember that it’s all about the excitement, the spontaneity, and it’s just as much about where as it is about how. Kinky partners sometime become that way by trying new things together. Fulfill your fantasies and there’s a good chance you might find that they share the same ones. Sex in a public spot without getting caught is crazy exciting!

Kinky partners aren’t made overnight but these ideas can get things going. Be patient and talk to one another to ensure that you find the right elements. You can create a really amazing sex life that stands the test of time.

You can please each other in a whole new way. You can create the kinky sex life that you always wanted if you take it one step at a time—and now you know how to do it!


How To Really Enjoy Kinky Dating and Feel Good About It—And Why You Should

kinky sex hookupIf you want to know the key to getting the kinky dating relationships that you want, then you need to let go of your inhibitions. Forget about the long term relationships you are told that you should be into. You may want something completely different at this point in time, and that’s okay.

You may be looking for a kinky sex hookup and figure this is the best time to try it. This all starts with you being honest what you want and leaving your worries or inhibitions behind. You are much more likely to get the type of partner that you want if you go into this with an open mind and a true understanding of what excites you moving forward.

Think About What You Want and What Excites You

You want kinky dating to be everything that you imagined. That means that you have to let your imagination run wild a bit. That means that you have to be willing to be honest with yourself about what excites you and what makes for an amazing sex life. How can you ever communicate this with a potential partner if you can’t be honest about it with yourself?

Consider what sort of things you are into. This may be based on past relationships or it may just be something that you have fantasized about. Consider this to be your brainstorming session so to speak and there is nothing to stop you. Let your mind run wild with all the possibilities. It may include sex toys, multiple partners, sex in a public space, porn, or whatever you want.

This is your fantasy to create so be honest about what gets you going. Once you uncover the truth about what kinky dating can be for you, then you can move forward in the right way. Sharing this information in your dating profile or on the right targeted sites can help you to get what you want sooner. Then you can find the right partner and the right situation—and your dating and sex life can take off to a whole new place!

Be Honest About Your Desires In Your Search For A Partner

When you are putting yourself out there for kinky dating, this is not the time to try to hide behind a certain stigma. You have to own up what gets you going if you want to find the right type of person. Once you have gotten in touch with what you really want and what excites you, then it’s time to share this with the right group of people.

Kinky sex is all about honest communication, about finding the right partner, and about trying new things. That means that you have to own up to what your desires are. If they are out there or really kinky then embrace that. Don’t be ashamed to say that you want something because if you are, then you will never get the kinky sex hookups that you want.

This comes with really pinpointing what gets you going and then being confident about it. If you come across somebody who wants something more serious or not as fun, then know that it’s not a match. You don’t want to waste your time at this point with partners who don’t want the same things in the bedroom as you do.

Target Partners That Want The Same Things That You Do

A kinky sex hookup isn’t going to just happen out of nowhere. Anybody can have a one night stand, but to make it kinky and all about fantasies is very different. That means that you need to focus on and target the type of partners that you are interested in. You want to get with people who want the same things as you, and who aren’t afraid to admit it.

There are a wide array of dating sites out there, and they can get as targeted and specific as you can imagine. If you have a certain like or are into a specific fetish, then try a site that caters to it. Even if you use a more mainstream dating site then by all means look for partners that want to do the same things that you are.

This will come out more openly and honestly if you are forthcoming on your dating profile. Not only that but if you search for partners in a very specific way, then you are more likely to find the ones that meet your needs. A kinky sex hookup may come from recommendations, through some sort of BDSM arrangement, or you may stay in charge by using the right dating sites.

Be Confident and Embrace What This Can Be For You

kinky dating partnerThere is absolutely no reason to feel bad about being somebody who wants this type of relationship. There can be a multitude of reasons why you enjoy kinky dating, and it’s for you to understand and embrace. This isn’t about anybody else and so you have to be confident in knowing what you want.

There are too many people that suffer from mediocre sex lives which is no way to be. If you are the type of person that has fetishes or that just enjoys some kinky sex then by all means go for it. Don’t let society tell you that this is bad, but rather embrace that you are confident enough to put it out there.

You might be into this type of relationship due to your past or some other factor that put you in this place. This may only be a temporary thing because at some point you want to settle down for good. Whatever the reason or amount of time that you are into this, just know that you are not alone and that there is a lot of fun to be had.

Open yourself up to it, be confident in what you like, and embrace what this type of dating and lifestyle can mean for you. If you approach dating in this way then you are going to get a lot more satisfaction out of it and be more likely to find the best partners.

You should never feel bad if you are into this type of thing. You may be at a point in your life where you want to just have fun. You may be the type of person that craves a whole new type of sex life. Whatever the reason is, kinky dating can be an amazing thing if you let yourself go and try new things. Be honest and see what lies ahead, for when you find the right partners then this can transform this part of your life in a really exciting way!


For kinky dating resources, please check out our website – Best Dating Sites for Kinky Sex


50 Kinky Sex Ideas for Spicing Up Your Life!

kinky sex ideasIn the beginning of most relationships, sex and lust flow very easily. Then after a few years or months, maybe a kid or two, things start to fizzle down; sex turns into something that happens on a Tuesday or gets put on the back burner for other things that are going on in your lives. While we understand that somethings are more important than sex (maybe), we also know that when you get out of the swing of things then sex can become mundane and possibly boring, so we’ve compiled a short list of ideas to spice back up the kinky dating you may have experienced in the beginnings of your relationship.

This list can also be a good guide for singles and couples who are interested in kinky dating or kinky sex ideas!


Kinky vs Fetish


Before we start the list, I’d like to define the difference between kink and fetish. A fetish focuses on an object, such as leather or ropes, and the individual gets pleasure from using the objects or from the object of their desire. A Kink focuses more on the pleasure aspect of what is being done, sometimes the two can of course cross over!

Some people explore Kinks and discover they have found one of their new favorite fetishes! There is nothing wrong with either fetishes or kinks! But with that being said, you should always use caution and look into local laws when exploring some erotic acts. It may be hard to explain to law enforcement that the internet made me do it, and we take no responsibility for your legal expenses! We also advise you to establish a safe word, which means a phrase that you and your partner(s) know that means for the act to stop. You have been warned! Now let’s get KINKY!!


Kinky Ideas 101


#1 Grope each other in a bar or club, throw in some heavy petting or grinding if you’re feeling brave and the establishment is a safe environment!

#2 Explore Voyeurism, which means watching someone else have sex!

#3 Make a Homemade Porn, even if you don’t ever share it, then it’ll be a kinky fun time!

#4 Eat the butthole! Seriously this can go for guys or girls! There are many nerves in the anus and it can be a taboo act as well!

#5 Make out in a public park!

#6 Play dress up! Buy that French Maid Costume! Get the Loincloth! Have fun with it!

#7 Talk about your past sexual fantasies and try to act them out, remember that one time at band camp?

#8 Go for a swim in the nude! There are many nude beaches around and if you can’t find one, maybe you have a friend or two who would like to open their pool up to you! The more the merrier after all!

#9 Suck or eat out your partner while they’re doing something that requires their attention! Maybe road head or crawling under the desk while their on a conference chat!

#10 Check out a local sex store! Seriously there are so many things you can find in those places that you may want to try out!

#11 Go to a swingers party! Get some mask and no one knows who you are! Remember to bring protection!

#12 Stop at a rest stop or public restroom to have a quick romp!

#13 Don’t wear underwear, get some grey sweat pants! #EggPlantEveryday

#14 Finger her while in public or at a restaurant while no one is looking!

#15 Get a copy of a Sex Calendar, it shows you a different position to do everyday!

#16 Buy the Kamasutra! Ancient knowledge, but still relevant!

#17 Get a hotel room, just to change it up a bit! But don’t get too messy, they do have to clean them up afterwards!

#18 Give each other very sexy nicknames for each others private parts, “Here’s Charlie!”

#19 Get a nude or scantily clad photoshoot! Photographers can do wonders with editing software if you’re not confident! These make great presents for your partner too!

#20 Have a threesome! Agree on it first, with someone who knows the limits and can agree that it is a no strings attached situation!

#21 Have sex ALL DAY LONG! Seriously just do it until both of you give out!

#22 Join the mile high club! (Having sex in the bathroom of an airplane)

#23 Have drunk sex!

#24 Try some 50 Shades of Grey stuff out! Tie her or him up and have your way! (safeword advised)

#25 Have sex in a family bathroom at Walmart! The doors lock, just make sure it’s the two of you and you better make it quick! Very adventurous.

#26 If you live in a place with legal recreational drugs, try it out and have a sexy time!

#27 Try some heavy BDSM! Explore what you both would be comfortable doing.

#28 Think about pegging! Which is when a female penetrates a male with a strap on, totally not gay and fun! You would be surprised at how intense an orgasm can be from prostate stimulation.

#29 Stick a finger up his bum while you’re giving him a blow job! It may feel weird at first, but it’s a start!

#30 Explore lubrication, silicon or water based. There are also flavored lubes! (They even have BACON FLAVORED LUBE! What an amazing time to be alive!)

#31 Give him a hand job while in a theatre! Everyone knows the ol’ hole in the bucket trick! Just becareful and pick a seat away from exposure!

#32 Have sex with the curtains open and get comfortably close to the window.

#33 Scratch each other and use your nails. Sometimes, pain can bring more pleasure.

#34 Leave the hotel room door open for the waiter while having sex.

#35 Have resistance sex and pretend like you’re being groped and molested.

#36 Have sex in water, be it a pool or in the ocean.

#37 Bring in a few sex toys to bed.

#38 Play naughty truth and dare and strip poker with friends.

#39 Have drunk sex after a wild night of partying.

#40 Imagine having sex with someone else and talk to your partner about it.


10 Kinky-er Kinky ideas


kitchen kinky sex#1 Are you bold enough to try swapping and swinging with other couples?

#2 Ropes and bondage can be awkward for beginners, but they’re a lot of fun for the seasoned kinky lovers.

#3 Clamps and whips can hurt, but at the right places, even pain can be a huge turn on.

#4 Like being the dominatrix? Try playing submissive to the kinkiest of commands with your partner.

#5 Have sex in risky places.

#6 Like peeing on each other while having sex? Golden river fantasies were made for you.

#7 Watch your partner having sex with someone else.

#8 Use a double dildo with your man and penetrate him while getting penetrated yourself.

#9 Have a threesome with someone both of you admire or like.

#10 Have sex and flaunt yourselves on your webcam to other couples. Just remember to keep your face out of the camera though.


The Kink of Splosh: How to Get Messy and Enjoy It!

the kink of sploshSplosh is a term that kinksters use for play that involves gloopy, thick liquids or semi-solids. It is a term that is hardly known or used outside of the kink scene. So those people who are not really involved in the kink scene but have a specific love of all things gloopy, might feel ashamed or feel that they are slightly weird or unusual, as they might not know that it is a specific kink. However,it is not as unusual as you might think.  The number of people on Fetlife(the online fetish social media site) who have listed ‘splosh’ as one of their kinks are in the hundreds and I bet that if more people knew the term, more people would be seeking to fulfill a pleasure that they might have brushed off as unusual. Like many other kinks, splosh does not have to be a sexual experience: because it centres around sensations, so, just like sensation play, it can just be enjoyable or even comforting without being sexual. Also, if you ask nicely, even most people who are not really that into splosh would probably still want to fulfill your splosh pleasures, because splosh is not only fun and quirky, but also one of those fun activities that let you proudly say: “Hell yeah, I’ve done that!”


What is splosh? Can you give some examples?


Splosh can range from being turned on by the idea of wrestling in jelly, or having gunge poured over you in a game-show-type scenario, to relaxing in a baked bean bath, making out in a vat of paint, or having sex in custard. The list is endless. Also some, but not all, people who enjoy splosh also enjoy water sports, or have a food fetish. This is because splosh involves the feeling of wet, gloopy substances on skin and can therefore frequently involve food (probably because food can often be wet and squishy)! So basically, anything moist that gives you a gloopy, squishy sensation against your skin.


Wow, that turns me on. Yes, how do I get me some of that?!


The two challenges with splosh are that the requirements to fulfil splosh fantasies are often quite complex and/or costly. This means either investing a lot of time and energy into arranging it, or a lot of money. There are some special protective bed sheets or inflatable massage ‘pits’ that you can buy, which are meant for water-sports but work really well if you want to protect your furniture and still have lots of fun. Here are series of ideas for how you can explore splosh if you are new to it, without spending too much time, energy or money arranging the experience.


A ‘Love is Art’ kit: For those of you who fanaticise about getting messy with paint whilst fucking your beloved, this kit is for you. The minimal-fuss package contains a large canvas, body-safe paint (in case you get it in delicate places), a very large plastic sheet (to protect your floor), two pairs of disposable slippers (to avoid spreading the paint after you are finished) and a shower body scrubber to clean yourselves with afterwards. This can be made into a really romantic evening, simply by placing some tea-light candles around the room and by realizing that the two of you will be making a piece of art together, that may exist long after you do! If you live together, you can mound the finished canvas onto a frame and hang the art above your bed. It could be something you do for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, as these kits are not exactly cheap. However, it provides a talking point when visitors to your home ask you “Where did you get that fantastic abstract art piece from?”


A jelly-wrestling partyGreat for enjoying the good weather. Firstly, buy several paddling pools (or massage ‘pits’), each one large enough to fit two adults in. Pre-make lots of jelly, allow to cool but not set. Then pour into the already-inflated paddling pools. Invite whoever you would like to your wrestling party, but make sure to specify whether it is just play, or whether it is a naturist gathering or a sex party. This is because, like many fetishes, splosh can be something that makes people feel good, without it actually necessarily being sexual. So decide if your party is going to be just fun wrestling or if it will be a sex party. If the latter, make sure you supply plenty of condoms and that you make clear the rules of the party (such as no means no, ask before you touch other people, etc.). Then,enjoy the fun!


splosh sexIce cream ‘bedtime’: This is a fairly tame one for those of you who are perhaps wanting to try something before coming out to your partner about all of your sexual splosh desires. It is also very cheap and easy to arrange. Buy a tub of your favourite ice cream or if you don’t eat dairy products, you could make chocolate fondue, and leave the item of choice next to your bed. Ask your partner to smear the ice cream or chocolate over you, and then get them to lick it off you. You could then swap, or beg them to repeat the process until you are so very turned on!


Attend a local event: If you live in a major city, there are usually underground kink parties or occasional splosh events that you can attend. The internet is a great place to find these, particular and other such kinky dating websites. Often they will have mailing lists, which means you will never miss another gunge-machine event again! Mostly, the people who attend these events are friendly and welcoming and are just interested in having a really fun time. Often, these events are ones where you where clothes and so it is more sensation play than an orgy, so make sure you read the dress code requirements first. Ask around your local naturist spas, kink clubs and see what you can discover.


All in all, splosh is a very fun way to explore the playful side of yourself and provides opportunities to express yourself, whether it be in an artistic or sexual way (or both). If any of this tickles your fancy, definitely give it a go – you don’t know what (or whom) you might fall in love with in the process.



How to Engage Into Some Interesting Kinky Dating

kinky coupleIf you are a BDSM or a fetish lover, then there is no reason why you should hide your fantasies and settle up with less than you want. Now you can find and arrange the best kinky hookup for every desire and fantasy. Big online communities help them find each other, share their fantasies and photos and result to some interesting kinky dating. Always with discretion, these sites are specially designed in order to address your needs and bring people closer. Do you feel trapped in your personal life and unable to find exactly what you want? Then you should better try out some of these sites.

Kinky Couples Online

There are many online couples that are interested in getting to know you and even meet you up for a kinky hookup. If your ultimate fantasy is to meet an exciting couple or even arrange for a threesome or foursome, then you should definitely use kinky dating sites for an amazing experience. You can even arrange for a swinging experience if your partner is up for. Your online appearance will make sure everyone understands your needs and preferences, and you will be matched up with people that share the same interests.

Foot Fetish

This is another, big community that is often using other online platforms in order to find people with the same preferences. Now, there is the option to find online site with people all over the world that share the same foot fetish desires as you. Women and men who want to engage into some foot fetish hookup are in this platform and share their experiences and photos.

Heels Enthusiasts

It may sound like a small community; however, in a site for heel enthusiasts, you will find many men who want to arrange a kinky hookup with a woman with strong personality and a love for high heels. This way, you can find the most suitable partners in order to make your fantasies come true. Visit these kinky sites and address your preferences to these specific desires, apart from the large communities of BDSM enthusiasts. The more focused the site is, the more likely to find what you are looking for.

How to Arrange For a Kinky Hookup

If you have already found the best online community for you, then it is probably time to arrange for your first date. Make sure you have all the necessary information before the date and arrange for a place where other people will be too. Online dating sites are always trying to provide the users with safety. However, you should also be careful in order to stay safe while searching for the perfect match.

Your first kinky hookup with a man or a woman should be in a restaurant or in a café in order to be able to learn more about the other person, before deciding to get more intimate. Follow these simple tips and enjoy yourself into the new world of online dating.


10 Really Great Ideas for Extra Kinky Sex

role playing sexThough no one knows who actually said the phrase live every day as though it was your last’, the fact of the matter is, it is not a bad idea. Over time, sex with the same person will inevitably become a little stale and will need something to give it a little fire again. If you want to breathe new life into your sex life, then its time to throw in a few kinky elements to help turn the notch up a little and get some real excitement back again.

Why Kinky Sex is good for Your Relationship

Kinky sex will certainly bring back the excitement that naturally drains out of having sex with the same person time and time again. More and more, research is showing the huge role that sex has in the everyday happiness in a couple’s relationship.  Sex plays a number of key roles, it reaffirms the affection that two people feel for each other, it helps to release built up the tension, and finally, it is physical exercise that has the effect of releasing dopamine in the brain, which makes the participants feel better.

The problem is that as the sex in a relationship becomes less exciting and less frequent, these benefits that it provides diminish also. That is why it is important to keep sex as exciting as possible and to engage in it frequently. There are loads of ways to keep sex exciting, you can do everything from role playing to threesomes, with kinky sex being the most widely accepted way of spicing up things in the bedroom.

So to give you an idea of the best kinky sex ideas check out our top 10 recommendations:

  1. Role-play

Preforming role-play is a really great way to put the passion back into sex. A role-play can be everything from wearing a nurse’s outfit to pretending to be someone else entirely. Some dedicated role-players even assume a different accent and behavior patterns to make it that more believable. Fans of the Austin Power’s movies will know that the title characters persona was actually developed by actor Mike Myers during his and his wife’s time in the bedroom.

  1. Watch Porn together

It might seem like an uncomfortable thought at first, but watching porn together is actually a great way to get the passion flowing again.  The main thing to make sure of before you begin is that you select the right kind of movie for you both to watch. Choosing a threesome video, for example, without asking your partner could ruin the mood as he or she might find this unappealing.

A really good option is to choose a soft porn movie that involves a couple and doesn’t deviate from so-called ‘normal’ sex, unless your partner desires otherwise. Also, try not to fixate on the movie all the time during sex as this might cause your partner to get jealous at first. The real key here to know your partner and what is best to get them excited.

  1. Try some new sex position

It might seem an odd addition to a list of kinky ideas, but amazingly, statistics show that this is one of the most overlooked kinky things that people overlook.  Many couples might find this strange given how much sex they have had over the years, but will be amazed at just how many fun and exciting sex positions there are to be tried. The karma sutra is the most famous book on sexual positions, but in recent years there have been loads of new books released that show the hundreds of sex positions that are possible. Get a book and start trying them out!

  1. Tired of the bedroom, try someplace different

The excitement that comes with having sex outside the bedroom can provide an enormous boost to your sex life. You might only need to go as far as the living room couch, but the options are endless. Having sex at the beach is a popular option, as is in the park, though you do need to take some precautions since in most public places it is illegal and therefore carries some pretty heavy risks if you get caught. But that’s half the fun of it to be honest.

  1. Use blindfold

Blindfolding your partner is another good way to add a little excitement to the bedroom. Blindfolding them and tying them up will let you completely take control of them. You should use this control to pleasure them in a range of ways to get them really wound up before sex. Great things to do,include using edible chocolate to please them or oiling them up and giving them an extra sensual massage.

  1. Play sex games

Sex games have become so widely accepted that you can buy them almost anywhere these days. Classic games like strip poker or truth and dare are well known, but there are a plethora of new and exciting games that will really get the excitement going when you need that added boost.

  1. Go oral crazy

kinky couple sexOral sex is and will always be one of the best ways to get anyone excited. Since oral sex is about one person giving and the other person receiving, it has an added value in a relationship. It is natural for the amount of oral sex preformed to decrease over time, so getting ‘oral crazy’ will definitely send your partners hormones through the roof. Better still, search for a few tips online on how to improve your oral skills so that you can really take them to heaven.

  1. Throw some sex toys into the mix

Many people, especially men are reluctant to use sex toys as they feel intimidated by them. Toys like vibrators and penis rings really can liven things up a lot. A vibrator, for example, can be used to get the woman to a state or extreme excitement before the guy enters to have sex. Many men won’t try one just for fear that they somehow will be relegated to second place, but this is just not the case.

  1. Try BDSM

In recent years, BDSM has become more and more popular. BDSM involves a role-play in which one person is dominant and the other is submissive. The dominate person uses a variety of sex toys and equipment in order to dominate the submissive one. BDSM can go as far as you are willing to take it but a good start is the scenario of the teacher and the naughty student. Despite people’s strong apprehension of BDSM, it is actually really exciting fun.

  1. If you are feeling brave, try a threesome

Not perhaps best for the average couple, a threesome is a really great way to explore new things and to take things in the bedroom to new heights. Having one is certainly a huge leap for any relationship but they are fun and an exciting way to make sex great again.


Five Great Tips for Couples Enjoying the Best Kinky Sex Weekend

dirty weekendsKinky couples have some of the best weekends, but there are times when there are no creative juices flowing. There are many contents that have wonderful ideas for your weekends, but you should forget about the ideas that the contents are providing. There is something about escaping your routine and getting to spend time with your partner. Here are a few tips for having a great dirty weekend for the kinky.

  1. New Destination

The destination is important for how enjoyable the weekend is, but for many kinky couples, it does not have to be at a chain hotel with flower petals scattered on the bed. There are many great options for a weekend getaway. Even going to a small lodge with a bottle of wine, your partner, and your imagination can lead to a dirty weekend.

  1. Substance over Style

Substance is important when you are looking to have a great weekend. When you are looking to book a hotel room, you should look for a sexy hotel. So, you should avoid chain hotels, and look for a hotel that is more unusual. There are many boutique hotels where you and your partner can have an enjoyable, dirty weekend.

  1. Log Off

The number one rule of having a great weekend is to log off and turn off your devices, which means no computers, phones, tablets, emails, or other electronic services during the weekend. For many people, it can be easy to get distracted by the technology. You should turn off of all your devices for you, your partner, and your sex life. You can easily live without these devices for 48 hours. If you cannot live without the internet, you should rethink your use of techniques or your choice of a travelling companion.

  1. Enjoy Eating

When you are having a dirty weekend, you should make sure that you are indulging in everything, not just the sex. During the weekend, you should allow yourself and your partner to enjoy chocolate, desserts, and cocktails. So, you should have fun with what you are eating and try new foods. Who cares if it is the midnight? This weekend is about having fun and indulging in each other.

  1. Dress Up

Have you ever looked at models like Dita Von Teese, and wondered what makes them so special and sexy. There is something about dressing up, and even covering up, that makes the event feel so much more special. Many people dress up for when a sexy time is planned.

When you are planning a dirty weekend, it is the time when you should be breaking out the sexy lingerie. You can also start the weekend out by shopping for new lingerie, which is even more fun. This can also be a great time to buy new toys and try them out. Remember, this weekend is about breaking away from your routine and trying new things. So, why not dress up and try new items out?

There are times when breaking away from a routine is what kinky couples need because there are times when the relationship is going to feel stale. However, this rut can be hard to break out of, even with all the ideas that you can find online.


Mistakes that You Need to Avoid on Kinky Dating Sites

mistake to avoidThere are different mistakes that you can create when you are joining kinky dating sites. Sentences that give a hint to the other users that you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into will make them think about your insecurity.  This will make you look lame.  There are also sentences that appear judgmental.  No women in their right thinking will consider you as their date if your sentences are belittling their qualities or you are sounding ‘holier-than-thou’.

Women are looking for partner that is direct and decisive.  In case you are struggling to create some decision, not assertive and you do not have the qualities that will help the women to settle on their decision, the possibility of finding your ideal partner in the kinky sites is low.  To increase your chances of getting on a kinky hookup, be sure to avoid some of the mistakes that we will mention below.

Acting Like the Scary Guy

You should never give a hint in your profile that you are only joining the dating sites for sexual desires. When talking to the other members of the community, wait for the right time before you open a conversation about sex.  Think about it, would your sister or friends entertain a man who only thinks about sex?  Unfortunately, a great number of men who are joining the dating sites are only concerned about sex.  Even on the off chance that you encounter a profile that is interested with sex, you should appear to be sexually-knowledgeable and not sexually obsessed.

Being Careless on the Things That You Say

Never instantly assume that a member of the dating sites have no communication with the other members.  In case you carelessly told them information about your wild side, there is a tendency that your word will spread to their inner circles.  This is the best way to ruin your privacy and experience.

Getting Upset Easily When You Are Rejected

When you initiated a conversation with another user, this simply means that you are interested with them.  Waiting for their response can be tortuous.  There are some instances that they will not respond to your messages.  The common response of the average users in this kind of scenario is to be upset.  Most of the common response that I receive when I refuse to answer a message is an endless tirade.  You need to know that rejection is a normal part of dating whether it is in real-life or in dating sites.  This is something that is beyond your control.  Think about their reasons of rejecting you and never take this personally.

Kinky dating online opens you to a new experience and possibility.  It is an opportunity for you to explore new things and add spice to your romance.  Avoiding the mistakes that we mentioned above will guarantee that your experience on these dating sites will be enjoyable and worthwhile.


Kinky Dating Tips – When You are in College

college hookupCollege is the time for learning and exploring who you are. Kinky dating in college can be a great option to learn about yourself. However, there are important factors that you should be aware of when you are dating in college. Here are a few kinky dating tips for when you are in college.

  1. Avoid Dating for the First Few Months of College

There is going to be a huge amount of chaos when you move away from home, so it can be easy to want to latch onto someone during this time. However, you should avoid dating for the first few months of college. When a relationship starts, both people have a tendency to ignore their responsibilities and friends during their ‘honeymoon phase’. This can make getting used to university harder in other ways. Instead, you should take time to learn the campus, create a good routine, and make some new friends.

  1. Take Dating Slowly

When you do start dating, you should take it slowly. During high school, many couples skipped the dating part and jumped to being in a relationship. However, this changes in college. You should get to know the person who you are dating, and make sure that they are into the same things as you are. So, you should spend quality time with your dating partner and their friends to see if you are truly compatible.

  1. Avoid Dating Where You Are Sleeping

It can be fun to think about dating one of your neighbors, but it is a bad idea. There is always the chance that the relationship is not going to work out, so you are stuck having to live close to your ex. This arrangement can make living in a dorm a huge pain. Instead, focus your energy on finding people who are living outside of your dorm or apartment block to date.

  1. Casual Hook-Ups

A lot of people in college are so focused on their studies that they do not have time to date. This can be admirable, but it can be a pain at times. This is why casual hook-ups are such a regular occurrence in college, but you should make sure that you are hooking up safely. There are many kinky dating sites that make it easy for you to find a casual hookup.

  1. Join Communities

Most people think the best way to meet new people in college is definitely not on kinky dating sites.  However, there are many kinky sites that offer forums and chat rooms, which is a great way of finding new people who are into the same things as you. The forums and chat rooms can even help you find people who you would like to meet or date. College events can also help you meet people and make new friends.

College kinky dating can be difficult at times. However, the main thing that you need to remember is that if you are in a relationship you are not happy with, then you should leave. You should be happy with your relationship, and if you are not then it is not going to work out.


Finding a Partner through Online Kink Sites

kinky datingAre you having a hard time looking for a kinky partner? Finding one is no easy task, especially if you are looking for a partner who can meet your special needs. And when you search online, most of the tips are only for normal couples. The good news is that there are kinky dating sites that can help you find the right partner.

Good news is that kink has seemed to have made it to the mainstream. A huge portion of its popularity was due to the 50 Shades of Grey. It has become more acceptable in recent years, and the number of people looking for a kinky hookup increased. It is easier to find kinky social events through the use of social media. Not only that, there are now kink clubs found in major metropolitan areas. Membership to kinky dating sites also experienced a growth spurt.

In the past, to find a suitable kinky partner, you need to join one of the kinky dating sites. There are a few members, and most of them are already taken. Your best chance of meeting a partner is to meet someone in real life and introduce that person to kink.

Looking for Kinky Partners Online

Most people who are into kinky stuff already have a profile in one of the kinky sites. Whether online dating works is still debatable, most people believe that matching based on personality doesn’t work. It is still recommended to go outside and find a suitable kinky hookup partner.

However, there are instances in which meeting online is the best method. There are people who avoid going to live events because of legal or professional concerns. There are also people living in rural areas that doing have access to a kink community.

When searching online for partners, the best place to start is in dating sites. Most of the sites allow users to search by common factors such as age and location. Users can also include their kink criteria in the search, such as whether you are looking for a submissive or a dominant.

The best advantage of using a kinky website is that you already know that the other person is also into kinky stuff. You can also judge your compatibility with the other person by looking at the profile. You can also message the other user, and learn more about their likes and dislikes.

How to Have a Successful Kinky Hookup

If you are looking for a partner online, then you should take the time to make a good profile. That way you will attract the right person. It is recommended that you don’t put what you are looking for physically in your own profile. People might be turned off and think you are only looking at their appearance. You should also limit your search inside a radius that you are willing to travel. Long distance will not help in the growth of the relationship.

And above all, make a good first impression. Just like dating in real life, the best way to have a successful kinky hookup is to make yourself presentable to your potential partner. You should also have an open mind, and try every kinky activity out there. That way you will learn what you really want, and find the best kinky partner.