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Are you interested in finding partners for kinky hookups? Perhaps you are a single or even a couple that wants to make this fantasy real. The first step towards this is to search for kinky couples and singles in the most popular, largest adult dating site. is the best site for kinky dating, casual sex, and threesomes.

Among several preferences, kinky dating is probably the most popular one. Thus, you will find no difficulty in meeting more than a few. 40% of the Adultfriendfinder’s members, who go well over 50.000.000, have chosen kinky fetishes as something they are interested in. Over 8.000.000 members appear to be interested in BDSM and fetish dating.

Therefore, it is not hard to guess how easy it would be to find your ideal alternative combination from this online kinky sex paradise. is widely known, and it ranks as the top 2 kinky site in the world.

Features & Price

There are two categories from which you can choose from. You can choose the standard membership. This way the registration and your profile are totally free. You can watch up to one live webcam per day.

You can also ask for a customer support through an online form, and they will get back to you in maximum 2 days. If you manage to become popular among other users, will reward you. Finally, you can have up to 200 members in your hotlist.

Alternatively, you can choose the gold membership and select your preferred payment plan. For 1 month membership the rate is 20 $, but if you choose a 12 months membership, the rate is 15 $ per month. This membership will allow you to enjoy all the cool additional features. You are able to proceed with advanced searches, and in this way, you can find your true match for your specific needs and preferences.

You can receive and send messages as well as post photos and videos of you. You can comment on every photo or video and watch as many live webcams as you want. By becoming a gold member, you can send friend requests and flirts. Your hotlist will have a capacity of 1000 members!

The customer service is achieved through phone, and any technical support you may need is answered within 12 hours of your request. You have access to blogs and private groups, and you can use chat rooms or IMs.

Unique Features

One unique special feature is the advanced search. Adultfriendfinder is a large dating site with millions of results for each group and category. With advanced search, you will be able to find exactly what you need. Use the correct filters and narrow down your searches for any specific preference you may have.

Another useful feature is the Hot or Not section. All you have to do is browse through several pictures and quickly rate if you find them hot or not. This why you can make a quick scan and the members that were rated hot will automatically joins your hotlist.

Create a unique personal blog and share your interests. Choose the members that can enter your blog and initiate a conversation among members who share the same opinion and fetishes as you.

Another fun and unique feature is the contests. Unlike any other kink sites, has managed to engage its members into interesting photo and video contests. This way each member feels free to share a photo or a video and whoever is the winner of a contest will receive a prize from the site’s team. Gold members have of course unlimited access to all contests.

Additional Feature

If you are interested in a kinky match, you may need more than a gold membership. By adding a plan extension of 108 $ per year, you can increase your profile’s visits and allow all free members to contact you. This way, all the free members who look for kinky hookup or have any other fetish can now visit your profile and contact you.


This kink site has a BDSM and fetish chat room in order to stimulate each member’s imagination. Each member can find any potential match that interests him. A single or a couple match is also an option. With millions of users, there are countless videos and photos that are available daily for every member. Finally, the rates are pretty low especially if you go with the annual payment option.


However, the downside is that at the moment there is no Android app version available thus, you must either have an IOS smartphone or engaging to this site from your computer. Moreover, the kinky members can spend quite some time browsing and searching before they can find what they really want. This is due to the wide range of the site’s categories and preferences.


Though Adultfriendfinder is not a specifically professional kinky website, you will be amazed by its results. It is without a doubt the most efficient and safest environment for a member to search for the perfect kinky hookups.

Along with its special, unique features and the most humanized services, many couples and singles can find for them the perfect fetish situations located nearby. For the past 10 years, Adultfriendfinder has been a loyal and trusted site for millions of members. With this kink dating site, your fetish or BDSM fantasy can become reality more than once.

The main difficulty of a kinky sex hookup is the hesitation of many members. You may find yourselves arranging several dates that will not be completed until you can find the right members for you. This is due to some members’ hesitation when it comes to real life date. This is why you must continue and expand your searches until you find what you really want.

Be open-minded and don’t hesitate to actually meet the persons you were communicating with. Give your profile time and patience until you become a popular member that others feel they can trust. Invest time, energy and imagination, and your most secret fantasies will come true!

Apart from your kinky quest, keep in mind that this is also a dating and casual sex site. So don’t hesitate to engage yourself into casual, fun sex until you find what you want.



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